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Intelligent Security Integration Australia Pty Ltd (ISI) has over 20 years of direct experience in security and surveillance equipment sales, installation and support. Through close working relationships with a wide variety of clients it became clear there was a need for a specialised, mobile CCTV vehicle. The Rapid Scout®​ HQ has been created for use wherever a traditional CCTV set-up is logistically unfeasible or cost prohibitive. This can be a temporary implementation such as for major events, outdoor concerts and festivals, or in response to civil unrest or protests in urban areas.

Mobile command centres have been in use for some time with emergency services, however these tend to focus on an administrative capability for management in the field. As such they are generally larger in size (bus, caravan or truck) and do not primarily support the deployment of mobile CCTV that is independent of fixed power and data infrastructure.

​We have focused on the development of the Rapid Scout® HQ vehicle with three infra-red cameras mounted to a 12.5 -metre telescopic mast that must function effectively in all conditions and controlled from within the vehicle. Eight static CCTV cameras were mounted to the vehicle roof ensure 360-degree coverage of any site.

We have also developed of a suite of autonomous Rapid Scout® surveillance kits, specific for 15km range remote surveillance operations, streaming live footage to the Rapid Scout® HQ vehicle over a private, secure network. These surveillance kits have GPS tracking, integrated battery power, private Point-to-MultiPoint (PTMP) encrypted wireless network plus cloud connectivity over 3G/4G LTE networks, with up to 2 weeks’ remote operational capability.

All data can be streamed live to 8 HD monitors in the vehicle and backed up to a server locally as well as streamed to the cloud for remote monitoring and backup. Integrated batteries and generator are supported by rooftop solar PV to give a 24-hour autonomous off-grid capability. ​

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